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Interesting articles or posting – 1/7/2012

Here’s a list of articles or blog postings I have found interesting from my review of subscriptions today – 1/6/2012. The news covers most of the things I follow including politics, local events, media information, and general interest. While I try to follow a lot of things, I probably miss some things. If you have something interesting add it in the comments section of this posting. If you have comments on some of the items feel free to drop them in the comments section. Just remember to follow the Guidelines.

10:42 am

Tweaking the West Virginia Map (National Journal) – This one’s bizarre. Apparently the West Virginia legislature did nothing really during their redistricting process, leaving one district intact even though the population exceeds the allowed ideal size variance substantially. It’s not about race, partisan politics, or really anything of substance other than possibly preserving the existing boundaries. As I said, bizarre. As if SCOTUS didn’t have enough work to deal with.

10:33 am

Debate night undercard: Good Newt vs. Bad Newt (Politico) – I heard one commentator on election night make the comment that Newt can be a really good candidate provided he doesn’t sound like a “mean old peepaw.” I loved it, not only because of its Southern tones but because it’s pretty dead on. As Politico points out, if Newt can come out swinging without getting too nasty he can change the tone of the campaign. But it’s a real struggle with Newt these days. Let’s see if we see the “mean old peepaw” come out.

10:29 am

Rick Santorum’s risky New Hampshire primary play (Politico) – Santorum moved his campaign to New Hampshire in an attempt to compete with Romney and Paul. As Politico points out, thaty might have been a risky move by not focusing energies in South Carolina, a state that would probably favor him more. This could be chalked up to a campaign team that is in territory they’ve never been in before but it’s a big risk. As I’ve said before, the eventual nominee has one two of the three early states. IA really was a tossup between Romney and Santorum. Romney is going to win NH. If Santorum could pick up SC that pushed the contest to FL for the win.

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