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Interesting articles or postings – 12/28/2011

Here’s a list of articles or blog postings I have found interesting from my review of subscriptions today – 12/28/2011. The news covers most of the things I follow including politics, local events, media information, and general interest. While I try to follow a lot of things, I probably miss some things. If you have something interesting add it in the comments section of this posting. If you have comments on some of the items feel free to drop them in the comments section. Just remember to follow the Guidelines.

7:06 am

Time is right to confront Sheriff Arpaio’s bias (SF Chronicle) – Ruben Navarrete, Jr., a regular columnist in the Express-News, writes about timing of federal intervention into Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s questionable tactics. After reading the allegations I agree that Arpaio has definitely overstretched his authority in a zeal to be the nation’s warrior against illegal immigration. The problem is innocent citizens are suffering from his bullying tactics.

6:14 am

Mitt Romney in striking distance of Iowa win (POlitico) – If Paul’s recent issues start to dog him and create suspicion with some of his younger followers, Romney is poised to pick up the slack and take a win in Iowa. These last days will have everyone watching polls to see how the Paul newsletter issue impacts his campaigns. It’s also going to be interesting to see how the campaigns react if there is a bump.

6:11 am

Polling Gridlock in Iowa Could Produce Last-Minute Momentum (FiveThirtyEight – NY Times) – Nate Silver takes a look at the state of the field with the PPP poll factored in. At this point, it looks like Paul is still poised to win but the last week could yield some buyer skepticism for him, especially with the latest revelations of his past newsletter content. Paul is working to disavow himself of that content but even the suggestion of it may not sit well with a younger crowd, his biggest supporters.

5:32 am

Bicycle-sharing program will start in downtown Houston (Houston Chronicle) – Houston is getting ready to join the B-Cycle crowd with an introductory program modeled after San Antonio’s Bike Share program. Houston seems like a perfect city for Bike Share, with several areas such as Hermann Park or the Museum District. It’s good to see these programs develop and become a part of urban cores.

5:28 am

Navigating the Texas School Finance Lawsuits (Texas Tribune) – 2012 will be the year of lawsuits involving school finance. With the legislature leaving many districts with curtailed budgets and not dealing with the structural deficit facing future budgets, it will be interesting to see how this shapes up next year. The results will be facing the next legislature and could force even tougher choices in the state’s budget.

5:20 am

Progress toward regional commuter rail, but funding questions linger (Austin American-Statesman) – This seems like a good idea, considering the amount of traffic between San Antonio and Austin. However, until local transit infrastructure develops and gas prices rise again, it will be hard to find funding for LSTAR. Hopefully, the agency won’t be spinning too many wheels burning funds waiting for the environment to become more favorable for the idea.

4:21 am

What 2010 Census Tells Us About 2020 Reapportionment (Real Clear Politics) – Based on 2011 population projections, RCP extrapolated out what 2020 might look like if current population trends continue. That means Texas would pick up 3 more seats in the House, possibly giving us yet another fiasco in terms of redistricting unless we do the right thing by adopting a redistricting commission.

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