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Interesting articles or postings – 12/26/2011

Here’s a list of articles or blog postings I have found interesting from my review of subscriptions today – 12/26/2011. The news covers most of the things I follow including politics, local events, media information, and general interest. While I try to follow a lot of things, I probably miss some things. If you have something interesting add it in the comments section of this posting. If you have comments on some of the items feel free to drop them in the comments section. Just remember to follow the Guidelines.

9:01 am

O Lucky Mitt (The New York) – John Heilemann of The New York magazine outlines why this nomination process may have bode well for Mitt Romney through the continual vetting of the debates and the intense drag on campaigns. Those organized well have fared well. Those who entered this without good organization are suffering through the most important segments.

8:54 am

A User’s Guide to the 2011 Iowa Caucuses and New Hampshire Primary (The New Republic) – William Galston of The New Republic provides a good, short synopsis of what to expect going into the Iowa Caucuses. I agree with him regarding the field of contenders being whittled down to three. Galston feels the final race through to FL will end up being between Romney, Paul, Gingrich, and possibly Perry.

8:44 am

Many Iowans struggle with political indecision (WaPo) –  With such a diverse field in Iowa, GOP voters are having a hard time locking in on a single candidate. In fact, the number of voters either undecided or who might change their minds at the caucuses is at an all time high. With only a week left for campaigning, we’ll see who ends up the final flavor of the week.

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