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A little fun courtesy of Google

Yesterday Google announced a lot of new innovations to the public to try out and explore. One that has gotten a lot of press has been the real-time search application. However, one of my favorites is the new Google Goggles application. It’s an application that is only available to those who have an Android phone. Now that ranges from those with the original G1 from HTC to the new Motorola Droid announced by Verizon Wireless. The application is pretty unique in that it leverages Google’s incredible image library and search heuristics to do a visual search. By pairing an image against their image library through some complex algorithms Google is able to provide search results for the image provided. So where does the fun come into play?

We tried it today at work in a couple of instances. The first took one of the good old Blackberry Curve 8310s we have at work and matched it up for a list of search results. Now this happened AFTER we turned off the screen. Apparently the icons on the screen were confusing it. After we turned that off we got instant search results for the Blackberry 8310. Doing the same with an iPhone resulted in us having to turn the iPhone on to get the expected results. It appears a solid black iPhone screen just confuses the application. It needed some iPhone icons to help it out. We also used a Coke bottle and got Coca-Cola back in the results. Pretty impressive.

Now for the fun. At that point my colleague turned the Android on me and took a picture from the waist up. I was wearing a light colored shirt so the results that came back were mostly wedding dresses. So where is the fun? Imagine at your next Christmas party playing “What does Google Goggles think I am?” for fun. Turn the phone on your friends to see what comes back. It’s already been pretty fun. Enjoy

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